Hindi Sad Songs 2014 Best Love Breakup Songs List

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Sad Songs or Love Breakup Songs help in creating pathos in life. There come situations in life when a person tends to become totally dependent on these sad songs.  With the changes in the trends there has been a change in the category of sad songs as well like the music industry has introduced many new sad songs 2014 and have listed few top 20 sad songs. The list below consists of few sad country songs –

Top Sad Songs List

Top 10 Best Hindi Sad Songs 2014 New Playlists

01.  Don’t You Wanna Stay by Jason Aldean and Kelly Clarkson (2010) is a very touchy song wherein the listener gets attached more with their parents and has been listed in the popular sad songs list.
02.  Just A Dream by Carrie Underwood (2007) is a kind of motivating song which helps the listener in understanding that they should not be like cowards and should have faith in themselves and in their spirits.
03.  The Best Day by Taylor Swift (2008) is a wonderful song which mesmerizes the listener and they remember the golden moments spent with their loved ones.
04.  I Miss My Friend by Darryl Worley (2002) is a song which tells the power of the almighty and says that destiny always has something for someone which they will get. One cannot fight with the destiny and gain a victory.
05.  Stupid Boy by Keith Urban (2006) is a song which depicts the feeling of the person who is loving this Birmingham state and wants to get captivated in it.

List of Top Sad Songs or Love Breakup Songs

06.  The Dance by Garth Brooks (1989) is a very touching song which leaves the listener enchanted with the memories of the first person or the last person they met.
07.  More Than a Memory by Garth Brooks (2007) This song has been rated among the category of top sad songs wherein due to a landslide a family faces some kind of early misfortune and this leads to miseries in their lives.
08.  The Chain of Love by Clay Walker (1999) GOD the almighty has the power to rule this world and make the impossible happen. This singer has tried to imbibe through his voice that whatever happens happen for good and one should not hesitate in facing any adverse situation.
09.  Don’t Laugh At Me by Mark Wills (1998) wherein the singer has created an enchanting aura depicting the things happened and the things to be happen. When a person has a gloomy mood he tends to think all the bad thing happened to him and how he overcame it.
10.  Letter to Me by Brad Paisley (2007) is another song which says that when a person tends to be very gloomy and has a weird kind of feeling then the best solution is to cry, cry a lot so that your pains wash out through your eyes and you have fresh start again.

Top Sad Songs 2014 List

Sad songs are available in various forms like English sad songs there are various kind of varieties of songs available in different language like best sad songs Hindi which helps in soothing the mind body and soul of the person.

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